SADGA - South African Disc Golf Association

Welcome to the South African Disc Golf Association - We are a Section 21 company seeking to further the development of Disc Golf in South Africa.

We are a group of disc golf enthusiasts working to promote disc golf in South Africa. Most disc golf is currently played in Johannesburg, but we are eager to encourage play in other parts of the country. We organise several national tournaments a year, although the opportunity for local tournament play is much greater in Johannesburg. Please contact us if you would like to sign up for one of our mailing lists or if you would like to become involved in South African disc golf.

For a brief history of disc golf in South Africa, see history. SADGA was conceived and founded by Ryan Males, Martin Whiting, Hilton Fryer and Lionel Lurie in 2008 and officially launched on 15 August 2009, the same date as the 1st annual SADGA Open, which was played at the Royal Delta Park in Johannesburg.

Rocktober 2012 on the 14th October